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What is

Ultherapy is the only no downtime, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It uses micro-focused ultrasound to trigger the body’s natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin.

Our skin’s response to this energy is to recondition tired skin by stimulating the growth of fresh, new collagen. The result is a tightening and gradual lifting — or shifting — of the skin back into its more youthful position and form-fitting shape.

Benefits of

The Ulthera device is highly versatile and is effective for lifting, contouring, and shaping the face.

  1. Stimulate collagen production
  2. Lift droopy eyelids
  3. Smooth wrinkles
  4. Reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles
  5. Tighten sagging skin on the cheeks, neck, and eye areas
  6. Enhance and sharpen certain facial features and the overall shape of the face

US FDA-approved micro-focused ultrasound technology


No incisions, no needles

Long-lasting results

Gradual lifting of your skin after one session


Real-time visualisation for precise energy delivery

Is Ultherapy 

Ultherapy can be applied with precision so doctors can tighten soft tissue and skin with pinpoint accuracy. Micro-focused ultrasound energy is directed 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm underneath the skin without disrupting the surface. Hence it can target and treat the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), a layer of fibrous tissue beneath the surface that helps give the face its shape. The body’s regenerative response is then triggered, rejuvenating collagen and resulting in a tighter, firmer appearance.

Why is Ultherapy

What makes Ultherapy different from other face lifting treatments in Singapore is its visualiser with real-time imaging. The visualiser allows doctors to see different anatomical layers of the skin that are being treated and know exactly where to deliver the micro-focused ultrasound energy to yield the most benefits for your skin, and avoid bones, nerves, and blood vessels to reduce your discomfort.

Full range of
Ultherapy transducers

Halley Medical Aesthetics is a medical clinic that carries the full range of Ultherapy transducers in Singapore. This ensures that the areas of the face that are more difficult to reach with the typical larger transducers can also be treated properly without compromise.


With the most updated Ultherapy treatment protocol in Singapore, 800 lines or ‘shots’ of micro-focused ultrasound energy is given during full face and upper-neck Ultherapy treatment instead of the previous protocol of 500 lines. By delivering a higher density of pulses, we can expect an even more intense tightening and more volumising lift of the treated area.

Personalised Ultherapy
patient’s record

To ensure that you receive the correct number of Ultherapy lines for optimal skin lifting and firming, all Ultherapy patients at Halley Medical Aesthetics will receive a personalised Ultherapy patient record after their treatment. You will know exactly how many Ultherapy lines you received on each treated area.

Ultherapy SPT-Certified
aesthetics clinic in Singapore

Ultherapy introduced the See Plan Treat protocol, and it is an extension of using the real-time ultrasound imaging technology to deliver the micro-focused ultrasound energy to the correct depth in our skin for optimal results, and Halley Medical Aesthetics is now an Ultherapy SPT-Certified aesthetics clinic in Singapore.

What is Ultherapy
See Plan Treat?

The main components of the Ultherapy SPT (See Plan Treat) protocol:

SEE: Includes sound knowledge of the relevant anatomy and using visualisation technology to identify the target tissue

PLAN: Document the target tissue to map out the treatment plan

TREAT: Safely deliver energy to where it will be most beneficial while ensuring proper treatment technique

Who is suitable
for Ultherapy?

As the signs of ageing start setting in from our 20s, it is never too early to start maintaining good skin. In our 30s and beyond, bone resorption kicks in and bone tissue is absorbed by the body. With the bone mass that props up our flesh and skin shrinking, facial drooping sets in. Photoageing also contributes to the wrinkles, folds, and loose skin that start to show on our faces in the jowl, brows, and undereye areas.

Where can Ultherapy
be used?

• Face
• Eyebrows
• Eye bags and undereye area
• Cheeks
• Chin
• Jowl
• Neck
• Chest (Decolletage)

What to expect
during Ultherapy?

Your doctor will first assess your skin thoroughly to check if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. There is no need for any special preparation pre-treatment, but you can opt for numbing cream and oral medications to enhance your comfort level during the Ultherapy treatment.

After cleansing your skin, your doctor will plan the Ultherapy treatment by marking out the treatment areas on your skin before applying the ultrasound gel. With the real-time imaging visualiser, your doctor is able to treat different areas on your skin with different transducers to ensure that the ultrasound energy reaches the correct depth for optimal results. The treatment is highly customised since every one of us is unique. With Ultherapy’s ultrasound imaging, your doctor can see and plan the best course of treatment for you.

post-treatment care

Ultherapy is a non-invasive, no-downtime facelifting treatment and therefore, you can return to your daily tasks immediately after that. No special post-treatment care is required. Some of us may experience a little flushing, slight swelling, or tenderness, but they are temporary and will go away quickly.

How long do Ultherapy
results last?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive, no-downtime facelifting treatment and therefore, you can return to your daily tasks immediately after that. No special post-treatment care is required. Some of us may experience a little flushing, slight swelling, or tenderness, but they are temporary and will go away quickly.

Picking the right
clinic for Ultherapy

Halley Medical Aesthetics is an authorised treatment provider of Ultherapy in Singapore.Our clinic uses only authentic devices and all treatments are carried out by certified doctors. Only authentic Ultherapy can give you the precise and effective treatment to achieve the optimal results.

Halley Medical Aesthetics was awarded five “Golden Record Awards” for Ultherapy.

Halley Medical Aesthetics has also been awarded the “Golden Record Award” by Merz for five years. You know that you are in good hands at Halley.

Let Them
Speak For Us

Because patients’ satisfaction is our best reward.

If you are considering to do CoolSculpting treatment, I would definitely recommend Dr. Terence Tan and his team from Halley Body Slimming Clinic, as an experienced doctor and CoolSculpting team really play a big part in aesthetics treatment.


Get your 800 lines of Ultherapy done at Halley Medical Aesthetics. Dr Terence Tan is extremely experienced in delivering the micro ultrasound shots.


Dr Lim was very professional, he listened to my concerns and assessed my face to suggest which filler would be best.

Georgie Embert

Since the start of my Sculptra treatment at Halley Medical Aesthetics till the final review with Dr. Terence Tan, I must say I’m very impressed and the results exceeded my expectations.

Dawn Sim

I have recommended Dr Terence Tan to quite a few friends of mine because I feel that he is very genuine about helping his patients to look better.

Flora Lim

I feel comfortable during the application of my fillers and Botox because Dr. Terence Tan was diligent in letting me know what he was doing at the moment.

Estella Goh

I am super impressed with how non-invasive yet effective Ultherapy at Halley Medical Aesthetics is. Dr Terence Tan and team have been nothing but professional with the whole process

Elaine Woo

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