Ultherapy in Singapore: How to Choose an Ultherapy Clinic?

With so many clinics offering Ultherapy in Singapore, how do we know which clinic to choose? Read on to find out what you need to look out for when choosing an Ultherapy clinic in Singapore.
Ultherapy Singapore

With so many clinics offering Ultherapy in Singapore, how do we know which clinic to choose?

When we look good, we feel good. A healthy lifestyle and a good anti-ageing skincare regime help us look fresh and radiant, but with age, we may need a little bit of help from aesthetic doctors to prevent our skin from sagging, and to keep it firm and supple.

Cutting-edge technologies today help us lift and firm our skin without going under the knife, and Ultherapy is one of the most popular skin firming and skin lifting treatments in Singapore. It is both safe and effective, and it is also a non-surgical treatment that has no downtime. A huge plus point for busy adults!

With so many clinics offering Ultherapy, how do we know which clinic to choose? Here are some important points to consider before booking your Ultherapy appointment:


1. Authentic devices

 The success of Ultherapy has led to counterfeit devices popping up in the market and these devices may do more harm than good. For the treatment to be effective, ultrasound energy needs to be delivered to the correct depths under your skin, and counterfeit devices may not be able to be as precise as the authentic Ultherapy machines, and that can result in burns or less-than-desirable results.

Therefore, it is important to ask to see the Ultherapy Certificate of Authenticity, and check for the Ultherapy Seal of Authenticity on the machine just to be sure!

Ultherapy Certificate of Authenticity Singapore

Halley Medical Aesthetics only uses authentic Ultherapy devices, and only certified doctors carry out the treatment for our patients.


2. Full range of transducers

The authentic Ultherapy device comes with a visualiser with real-time imaging so that doctors can see each individual’s unique skin layers and plan their treatments using different Ultherapy transducers. These transducers treat our skin at three different depths—superficial dermis at 1.5mm, deep dermis at 3mm, and SMAS layer at 4.5mm. 

Full range of Ultherapy transducers in Singapore

Halley Medical Aesthetics carries the full range of Ultherapy transducers to ensure that our patients get optimal results from the treatment.

However, to achieve optimal results, it is recommended to find an Ultherapy clinic that carries the full range of Ultherapy transducers. Using the correct transducer will ensure that the treatment can be administered effectively even in hard-to-reach areas.


3. Transparent in the number of Ultherapy lines you are receiving

Always ask your doctor how many lines you will be receiving for your Ultherapy treatment to avoid getting short-changed.  

Ultherapy 800 Lines How many lines am I getting

In the early days, the treatment protocol of Ultherapy was for the doctor to deliver 500 lines, or 500 shots, of microfocused ultrasound energy to lift and firm the skin. Ultherapy has since updated its protocol and recommends 800 lines for a more dramatic lift. Besides an improvement in results, there is definitely a price difference between a 500-line Ultherapy treatment and an 800-line Ultherapy treatment. Therefore, it is important for you to know how many Ultherapy lines or shots you will be receiving for the price you are paying.

Ultherapy SPT See Plan Treat Singapore

Get clarity on the number of Ultherapy lines you are getting for your treatment with our Ultherapy Patient Record.

All Ultherapy patients at Halley Medical Aesthetics will get a personalised Ultherapy Patient Record following their procedure to make sure they get the right number of lines. You will be able to see the Ultherapy lines that were administered to each area of your face.


 4. Ultherapy SPT-certified clinic

Ultherapy established the See Plan Treat treatment protocol, an upgrade to the previous protocol to provide micro-focused ultrasound energy to the ideal depth in our skin for optimal results.

Ultherapy SPT See Plan Treat Protocol Singapore

The good news is, Halley Medical Aesthetics is now an Ultherapy SPT-Certified aesthetics facility in Singapore. Our doctors have undergone training for the new Ultherapy SPT protocol, and you can be sure that your Ultherapy treatment at Halley is highly personalised for you.

Ultherapy SPT Certified Singapore Clinic


5. Experienced doctors

Our doctors have a lot of experience with Ultherapy treatments, and Halley Medical Aesthetics was awarded “Golden Record Awards” for five consecutive years by Merz Aesthetics, the pharmaceutical company behind Ultherapy.

Ultherapy Golden Awards Singapore Clinic

You can trust Halley to take good care of you during your treatment.


6. Pain management

Ultherapy Singapore Pain Management

We often hear about the pain that comes together with Ultherapy. Check with the clinic on their pain management protocol for Ultherapy treatment. At Halley, patients are given pain medications, and numbing cream is applied before the treatment to make the Ultherapy session a more comfortable one. Most patients experience some discomfort, but it is generally quite bearable.


7. A doctor who is willing to listen

Experienced Ultherapy Doctor Singapore

A good experience at an aesthetics clinic always involves good communication between the doctor and the patient. You should let your doctor know your skin concerns and if there are any particular areas that you want them to focus on to get the best out of your treatment.


Choosing the right clinic for your Ultherapy treatment in Singapore can save you unnecessary worry, and having a personalised treatment will ensure that you achieve effective results for your skin concerns. Schedule your appointment with the Ultherapy SPT-certified doctors at Halley Medical Aesthetics and have a chat with them about how Ultherapy can help you.

Ultherapy Singapore Price Cost of Ultherapy in Singapore

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