Sculptra Treatment in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide 


Sculptra Treatment in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide 

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October 13, 2023
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Dermal fillers are no newcomers to aesthetics treatment for plumping up our skin due to volume loss, and to contour our facial features. Amongst the many dermal filler brands available in the market, Sculptra is a treatment that has been gaining traction among those seeking to reverse time by letting our body generate its own collagen to achieve youthful and radiant skin. Let’s find out more about Sculptra, a non-surgical solution that’s helping both men and women in Singapore combat signs of ageing and refresh our looks. 

What is Sculptra? 

Sculptra ® is a type of collagen stimulator made of poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to address signs of ageing and facial volume loss. Unlike traditional fillers that provide instant results by adding volume, Sculptra takes a unique approach. It stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, gradually replacing lost collagen and providing a subtle, natural-looking enhancement. 

To learn more about Sculptra, watch this informative video featuring insights from Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Halley Body Slimming Clinic.

How does Sculptra work? 

As a PLLA collagen stimulator, Sculptra rejuvenate the skin’s deep structural layers and alleviate facial wrinkles. The PLLA microparticles in Sculptra will be gradually absorbed and it will trigger collagen production within the skin. This results in the gradual restoration of facial volume and the softening of wrinkles and folds, achieving lasting facial fullness and a renewed, youthful appearance over time. 


How long does Sculptra last? 

Sculptra delivers long-lasting results, and its effects can last two to three years depending on individuals. What sets Sculptra apart is its unique ability to create a natural enhancement. It achieves this by gently stimulating your body’s own collagen production, gradually restoring facial volume and minimising the visible signs of ageing over time 


Who is suitable for Sculptra? 

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Sculptra is a great treatment for individuals who prefers to let nature do its job, letting Sculpture nudge our body to generate its own collagen to gradually volumise our face and smoothen wrinkles over time. Optimal results are be seen around six weeks post-treatment. Therefore, it may not be the most optimal choice of treatment for those seeking immediate results for upcoming events, such as a party the next day or a wedding in two weeks. It is also not a suitable option if you are looking to sculpt and refine specific facial features quickly, like getting a higher nose bridge or a more defined chin.  


How many sessions of Sculptra do I need? 

Sculptra typically requires an average of three treatment sessions, spaced over a few months. The exact number of sessions may vary based on your unique needs, and your doctor will tailor the treatment plan for you accordingly. 


Sculptra in Singapore: What to expect 

After a consultation with your doctor to determine your suitability for the treatment, the therapist will cleanse your skin and apply numbing cream for you. The numbing cream should sit on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure that your Sculptra treatment will be a comfortable one.  


Post-treatment care 

After your Sculptra treatment, taking proper care of your skin can ensure that you get optimal results. Here are some essential post-treatment tips: 

  1. Facial Massage: It is a must to massage the treated area for five minutes, five times a day, for five days after the treatment to ensure an even distribution of Sculptra. Your doctor will be able to give you detailed instructions on how to go about doing it. 
  1. Cold Pack: To reduce any swelling that may occur, apply a cloth-wrapped cold pack to the treated area for a few minutes at a time within the first 24 hours. Avoid direct contact between ice and your skin. 
  1. Sun Protection: Excessive sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) lamp exposure should be avoided until any initial swelling and redness subside. Always wear sunscreen and avoid being in the strong sunlight. 


For further insights on Sculptra’s post-treatment massage, watch this video featuring Dr. Terence Tan.  

 To fully understand the benefits of Sculptra and receive personalised recommendations, consult with a doctor who is experienced in administering Sculptra treatments in Singapore.  

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