Enhancing Masculine Features: Dermal Fillers for Men in Singapore


Enhancing Masculine Features: Dermal Fillers for Men in Singapore

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October 13, 2023
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A shift is underway as more men seek to redefine their facial features through dermal filler treatments. Join us as we explore the common areas for dermal filler treatments and considerations for men, while keeping in mind the distinct beauty objectives that set them apart from women.

Dermal Fillers for Men Singapore

In recent years, the use of dermal fillers for men in Singapore to enhance facial features has become increasingly popular. With a surge in the number of men seeking these treatments, Singapore has witnessed a shift in the perception of aesthetics among the male population. This trend, highlighted in a Straits Times article, underscores the growing interest and demand for dermal filler treatments among men in Singapore.

To delve deeper, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Terence Tan, Medical Director from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Halley Body Slimming Clinic, to discuss the common treatment areas and considerations when it comes to dermal fillers for men in Singapore.

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Q: Dermal fillers for men in Singapore – What are the common treatment areas that men ask for?

A: The number one area for dermal filler treatment that men in Singapore ask for is over the chin. Men prefer a stronger look. If they have a deficient or retruded chin, dermal fillers can be used to project the chin to make the jawline look a bit stronger. Other popular dermal filler treatment areas for men in Singapore are the cheek areas, undereye area, smile lines, marionette lines, forehead, and temples.

Dermal Fillers for Men in Singapore

Well-defined chin and a strong jawline.


The stronger chin: a mark of masculinity

A well-defined chin is often seen as a symbol of masculinity. Men in Singapore who desire a chiselled appearance frequently opt for dermal fillers in the chin area. By adding volume strategically, dermal fillers can create a stronger and more pronounced chin, enhancing the overall facial balance.


Q: What are some of the considerations we need to look out for since men and women have different beauty objectives?

A: Most men do not want to look feminine, and most women do not want to look masculine. In general, men in Singapore want to look a bit stronger and sharper, and women prefer a softer, smoother, and rounder look. In the case of a chin filler, for example, women would prefer it to be sharper to achieve a feminine V-shaped face. Whereas for men in Singapore, having a very sharp chin isn’t the most suitable, so we want it to be a little wider to look stronger. For the cheek areas, men in Singapore tend to look a little better when they are a little heavier at the lower part of the face, whereas it looks better a little higher up for women. When it comes to the absolute amount of the dermal fillers, the worst thing that we can do is to put too much filler for a man in Singapore. This is what we call an overfill.


Customising dermal fillers treatment for men

One of the key considerations when performing dermal filler treatments on men is to avoid feminisation. Dr. Terence Tan emphasizes the importance of a tailored approach that aligns with the patient’s goals for a stronger, more masculine appearance.

  1. Chin Enhancement: While women may opt for a sharper, V-shaped chin, men typically prefer a slightly wider chin that exudes strength.
  2. Cheek Area: Men benefit from having a fuller lower cheek area.
  3. Absolute Amount of Fillers: Avoiding overfilling is crucial for men. Too much filler can lead to an unnatural appearance. The aim is to enhance masculine features subtly and maintain facial harmony.
  4. Overall Look: Men generally desire a sharper and more defined appearance, whereas women may prefer a softer and rounder aesthetic. These differences guide the treatment approach.


In conclusion, dermal fillers for men in Singapore have gained popularity as a way to achieve a stronger and more masculine appearance. By targeting specific treatment areas and following a tailored approach, men can enhance their facial features while maintaining their unique sense of identity. Consulting with an experienced doctor is essential to ensure that the desired results are achieved while respecting individual preferences and maintaining a natural look.


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