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Lip Fillers in Singapore - Exploring Different Lip Shapes
Exploring Different Lip Shapes – The Art of Lip Fillers in Singapore


Exploring Different Lip Shapes – The Art of Lip Fillers in Singapore

January 16, 2024
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The quest for plump, defined lips is gaining popularity in Singapore. However, it is necessary to navigate the intricacies of lip fillers before jumping onboard. In this article, we explore what lip fillers are and how they work, the different lip shapes, and how a good doctor can balance that to enhance your natural beauty.

Lip Fillers Singapore Different Lip Shapes

While plump and well-defined lips are highly sought after, understanding what lip fillers are is key to making an informed decision before getting lip fillers. Achieving aesthetically pleasing lips are now possible without undergoing surgery with the advancements in medical aesthetics in Singapore.

What are lip fillers?

What Are Lip Fillers Singapore Cost Everything You Need to Know

Lip fillers in Singapore, also known as dermal fillers or lip injections, are non-surgical treatments designed to enhance lip volume, shape, symmetry, and even to reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a medical product that typically consist of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the body. The use of hyaluronic acid in lip fillers ensures a safe and biocompatible option for achieving plumper lips.

There are a number of dermal fillers under different brands that are suitable for the lips like Juvederm and Restylane. However, Restylane Kysse is a popular choice both amongst doctors and patients as it is manufactured specifically for use as a lip filler.*

Different lip shapes

A quick scroll through Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu will give you an insight on the popular lip shapes that you can achieve with lip augmentations. However, do note that every individual is unique, and whether or not the lip shape that you favour is suitable or achievable for you depends on many factors, which are best assessed by a doctor.*

Explore a range of lip shapes below, from the timeless allure of diamond-shaped lips to the pout inspired by flower petals

Common lip shapes

  1. Diamond-shaped Lips:
Lip Fillers Singapore Diamond Shaped Lips Different Lip ShapesCredit: Baidu

Diamond-shaped lips are one of the most common lip shapes. They have distinct cupid bows and upper lip vermilion. For individuals with thin lips, you can opt for lip fillers to enhances the fullness of the lip vermilion, making both the left and right lip vermilions more defined, thereby achieving a transformation into diamond-shaped lips.

  1. Petal Lips:
Lip Fillers Singapore Petal Lips Different Lip ShapesCredit: Baidu

The defining characteristic of petal lips is the resemblance of the lower lip shape to two flower petals. Lip fillers can significantly enhance the fullness of the upper and lower lip vermillion, plump up the lips, and achieve that beautiful curvature at the bottom lip to achieve this coveted look.

  1. Heart-shaped Lips or M Lips:
Lip Fillers Singapore Heart Shape Lips Different Lip ShapesCredit: Baidu

Heart-shaped lips get their name because the lower lip resembles the bottom of a heart. They are characterised by full lower lips with beautifully defined curves. The upper lips, on the other hand, resembles the letter “M”, are hence, are often called “”M lips” as well.

  1. Smile Lips:
Lip Fillers Singapore Smile Lips Different Lip Shapes Credit: Sina

Smile lips, characterised by a slight upturn at the corners, are inspired by Chinese actress Angelababy. The upper lips have a M shape, but what makes it different from heart-shaped lips or M lips are the upturned lip corners, giving us a friendly and approachable appearance.

Smile lips can be achieved through depressor anguli oris botulinum neuromodulators (commonly known as “Botox”) injections to relax the muscles pulling down the corners of the mouth to give patients a lift at the lip corners. The upper lip M shape can be created with lip fillers to enhance definition and fullness.

What to expect during a lip filler treatment?

The lip filler treatment will begin with a thorough consultation, where you’ll discuss your aesthetic goals and address any concerns with our doctor. Before the procedure, numbing cream will be applied to minimise any discomfort during the injections. The lip filler is then carefully administered, shaping and enhancing the lips. Your doctor may massage and sculpt the filler to achieve optimal symmetry. While lip filler treatments generally involve minimal downtime, it’s normal to experience temporary swelling or bruising which will resolve with time.

Cost of lip fillers in Singapore

Do refer to our price list for the cost of fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley). At Halley, we believe in clear and honest pricing with no hidden fees or additional costs. We strive to ensure transparency so that our patients can make informed decisions with confidence.

Your next step

Book a consultation with Halley Medical Aesthetics and have a comprehensive consultation with our doctor. Communicate your desired lip shape to him or her, and let ourdoctor assess your features and advise you on your suitability.


* The use of this treatment/product is dependent on the clinical assessment and judgement of a medical professional. Please consult a medical doctor for an informed discussion on the use of this treatment/product.

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