Everything You Need to Know About Temple Fillers


Everything You Need to Know About Temple Fillers

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November 08, 2022
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Patients commonly come in for nose, chin, cheeks, lips, and marionette line fillers in Singapore. However, more and more patients are asking for temple fillers recently, and we want to let you in on everything you need to know about temple fillers.

  • Why is there a demand for temple fillers in Singapore?
  • Benefits of temple fillers
  • What to expect during the temple fillers procedure in Singapore?
  • Are temple fillers painful?
  • How long does it take to see results?

Why is there a demand for temple fillers in Singapore?

With medical advancements and the wide acceptance of fillers for anti-ageing and facial contouring treatments in Singapore, filler treatments are getting more and more popular. Besides the commonly treated areas like the nose, chin, cheeks, lips, and marionette lines, many also noticed that with ageing comes volume loss in their temples, resulting in what we call a “peanut head” look.

The sunken temples make a person appear haggard and gaunt (think the skeletal outline). The good news is that our sunken temples can be improved non-surgically with fillers injection.

Temple fillers can improve our facial harmony and make us look younger and more rejuvenated.

Benefits of temple fillers

  • Makes us look more youthful
  • Gives us better facial proportions
  • Gives our face a smoother silhouette
  • Lifts the eyebrows

Temple fillers can restore our youthfulness and improve our facial proportions. When there is a volume loss in our temporal regions, our eyebrows will also start to sag with the loss of support. Therefore, restoring volume in our temples can help to provide the support needed to lift the eyebrows for a more refreshed look.

However, always look for a medical doctor with a keen eye for aesthetics for your temple fillers injection. Too much fillers injected can result in an unnatural, puffy look. We want to look better, not worse!

What to expect during the temple fillers procedure?

Dr. Mark Lim from Halley Medical Aesthetics doing a temple filler treatment for a patient.

First, the patient will go through a thorough consultation with the doctor. While the treatment itself is important, it is also extremely important to communicate with the doctor so that the doctor can help you achieve your desired results.

The therapist will proceed to apply numbing cream to make the treatment a more comfortable one. Your doctor will plan your treatment with some markings and once that is completed, your doctor will start with the temple fillers injection, taking care to avoid the major blood vessels.

Are temple fillers painful?

Dermal fillers injections are very manageable, especially after your skin is nicely numbed by the numbing cream. Many fillers also contain lidocaine, a numbing medication, which can further numb the injection site, reducing the amount of discomfort. All in all, temple fillers treatment is a very comfortable one.

How long does it take to see results?

Results of temple fillers are immediate. You can see improvements immediately after the injection is complete. It is a no-downtime treatment, and you can go about your daily tasks as usual after the treatment.

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