CoolSculpting Elite: How Long Do Results Take?

Dr. Terence Tan's recent study before the launch of CoolSculpting Elite in Singapore offers valuable insights into result timelines. Read on for more details.
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When it comes to eliminating unwanted body fat and stubborn fat bulges, we naturally desire to see results as quickly as possible. If you’re considering fat freezing treatments like CoolSculpting Elite, you may be wondering how soon you can expect to notice a difference. Fortunately, a recent study conducted by Dr. Terence Tan prior to the launch event of CoolSculpting Elite in Singapore provides valuable insights into the timeline of results.

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The Study

CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Singapore Fat Freezing Planning Assessment

CoolSculpting Elite treatment planning.

Dr. Terence Tan was privileged to participate in a multi-country clinical study, sponsored by Allergan, AbbVie. The study involved over 110 patients who underwent CoolSculpting treatments primarily in the trunk and other areas. The study’s objective was to determine patient satisfaction with CoolSculpting Elite, and the final outcome was based on a satisfaction questionnaire.


Impressive Patient Satisfaction

The researchers discovered that an impressive 83.3% of participants reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their CoolSculpting Elite treatments. This high satisfaction rate is not surprising, considering CoolSculpting’s track record as a proven fat reduction medical device, even prior to the Elite update.


Surprising Timeline

What astonished even the doctors involved in the study was the timeline for visible results. Traditionally, it was believed that CoolSculpting fat reduction treatments required two to three months for noticeable improvements. However, the study’s findings challenged this assumption.

During the study, independent physicians reviewed baseline and 12-week photos, along with evaluating patient satisfaction at four weeks. To the surprise of the researchers, nearly 80% of the physicians accurately distinguished between pre-treatment and four-week post-treatment photos.


The Fast Response of CoolSculpting Elite

A comparison between CoolSculpting Legacy, CoolAdvantage, and CoolSculpting Elite applicators.

This unexpected revelation prompted the researchers to consider whether the CoolSculpting Elite system yielded faster results than the CoolSculpting Legacy system s. At just four weeks, a significant number of patients expressed satisfaction with their treatments, defying the previous belief that substantial changes would take longer to manifest.


Confidence in Results

The conclusive data derived from patient feedback demonstrates the effectiveness of CoolSculpting as a reliable fat reduction, body contouring treatment option. Witnessing visible improvements in as little as four weeks with CoolSculpting Elite is particularly significant. The accelerated timeline allows individuals to experience increased confidence in their improved body contours sooner.



CoolSculpting Elite Singapore Halley Medical Aesthetics Dr. Terence Tan

If you’re considering CoolSculpting Elite for fat reduction in Singapore, you’ll be pleased to know that significant results can be observed in a relatively short period. The clinical study conducted by Dr. Terence Tan revealed that many patients were already satisfied after just four weeks. With its proven efficacy and faster response, CoolSculpting Elite offers an opportunity to achieve your desired body contour in a shorter timeframe. Say goodbye to unwanted body fat and embrace the confidence that comes with a transformed appearance.


CoolSculpting Elite is now launched in Singapore and is available at Halley Body Slimming Clinic.


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