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The Significance of Improved Tissue Contact in CoolSculpting Elite Applicators
CoolSculpting Elite: Improving Tissue Contact with Applicators


CoolSculpting Elite: Improving Tissue Contact with Applicators

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June 14, 2023
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CoolSculpting Elite, recently launched in Singapore, has been generating buzz for its approach to fat freezing and body contouring. Utilising cryolipolysis, a technique that freezes and eliminates unwanted fat cells, this updated version of the CoolSculpting machine offers several notable improvements on its hardware. One key enhancement lies in the applicator technology, particularly the enhanced tissue contact provided by the CoolSculpting Elite applicator. Dr. Terence Tan, who was in Bangkok in April as a keynote speaker to unveil the updated fat freezing device to about 100 doctors in Bangkok, touched on the importance of improved tissue contact and its benefits for consumers.

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The Role of Applicators

CoolSculpting Elite Applicators SingaporeCoolSculpting Elite applicators

Before we delve into the significance of improved tissue contact, we need to first understand the role of applicators in the CoolSculpting fat reduction process. CoolSculpting applicators are like little “hands” that extend from the machine, and they are placed on areas that patients have fat bulges that they want to remove. It creates a vacuum seal that draws in body fat and initiates the cooling process. The efficacy of the treatment depends on the ability of the applicator to establish optimal tissue contact.


How CoolSculpting Elite Applicators differ from CoolSculpting Advantage Applicators in Terms of Tissue Contact

Dr. Terence Tan on CoolSculpting Elite Improvements SingaporeDr. Terence Tan, keynote speaker at the launch of CoolSculpting Elite in Bangkok in April 2023.

Dr. Terence Tan sheds light on the superiority of CoolSculpting Elite applicators over the previous CoolAdvantage range in terms of tissue contact and vacuum seal. A study involving 41 patients who underwent treatment with both applicator types revealed that the CoolSculpting Elite applicators significantly outperformed their predecessors. The findings demonstrated that the CoolSculpting Elite applicators achieved acceptable or good tissue contact in 97% of cases, whereas the CoolAdvantage applicators achieved this level of contact in only 66% of cases.


Significance of Tissue Contact

CoolSculpting Elite Applicators Tissue Contact and Pain Level Singapore

Why does tissue contact matter? Dr. Terence Tan explains that poor tissue contact can lead to suboptimal treatment outcomes and potentially increase the likelihood of applicator pop-off (applicator unintentionally getting detached from the treatment area during treatment) and hence, reducing patient satisfaction. By improving tissue contact, the CoolSculpting Elite system aims to enhance treatment effectiveness and overall patient experience.


Enhanced Comfort

In addition to better tissue contact, the CoolSculpting Elite applicator also offers increased comfort during the treatment. Dr. Terence Tan noted that patients may experience transient pain when the applicators are initially applied, which subsides as the cooling process numbs the nerves. The study conducted by the investigators revealed that the pain associated with tissue draw was significantly reduced with the CoolSculpting Elite applicators compared to the Advantage range. The average pain score on a scale of one to ten dropped from 0.92 with the Advantage applicators to just 0.24 with the Elite applicators, showcasing a notable improvement in patient comfort.



The CoolSculpting Elite system introduces significant enhancements to the CoolSculpting treatment in Singapore, with improved tissue contact being a key highlight. The CoolSculpting Elite applicator’s ability to establish superior tissue contact and vacuum seal offers numerous advantages, including enhanced treatment effectiveness, reduced risk of pop-offs during treatment, and improved patient satisfaction. Furthermore, patients can enjoy a more comfortable experience due to the reduced pain associated with the CoolSculpting Elite applicators. As CoolSculpting continues to evolve, these advancements pave the way for more efficient and patient-centric body shaping procedures in Singapore.


CoolSculpting Elite is now available at Halley.



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