Boyzilian and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

Say farewell to your pubic hair worries! Boost your confidence and comfort, rock your swimwear and lingerie, and keep things fresh down there with Boyzilian and Brazilian hair removal in Singapore.

Unwanted body hair can be a source of discomfort and insecurity for many, but of course if you prefer to embrace your body hair, you do you!

There are many hair removal treatment options to choose from, but Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal have emerged as a more permanent solution. They offer a safe and effective way to bid farewell to unwanted hair and embrace the freedom of smooth, fuzz-free skin for the long term.


What is Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal is a hair removal treatment designed to eliminate unwanted hair in the pubic region, including the front and between the buttocks, using laser technology. On the other hand, Boyzilian laser hair removal is tailored specifically for men and involves the removal of pubic hair from the front, back, and between the buttocks.

Dr. Terence Tan Laser Hair Removal Interview Singapore Halley Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Terence Tan answering our queries on laser hair removal.

When asked which lasers are used for Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal, Dr. Terence Tan, Medical Director from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Halley Body Slimming Clinic shared that he commonly use either the LightSheer laser or the Fotona Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser to thoroughly and effectively remove hair. He also combines both lasers for the treatments depending on the skin and hair of his patients for optimal results.

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Why choose Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal?

The benefits of these two laser hair removal procedures extend far beyond mere aesthetics.

  • Long-lasting results: Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal offer long-lasting hair reduction. Majority of the hairs are taken care of permanently while regrowth is finer and lighter than previously.
  • Precision: Laser technology can selectively target hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.
  • Reduced ingrown hairs: Compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal significantly reduces the occurrence of uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown hairs.
  • Improved hygiene: A hair-free pubic area can promote better hygiene, reduce sweating, and minimise odour.
  • Time and cost efficient: Over time, laser hair removal can be more cost effective and save you time compared to temporary methods like shaving or waxing.


Are the results permanent?

Laser hair removal can reduce hair growth significantly. Most individuals experience significant hair reduction for the long term, with finer and lighter hair regrowth. However, maintenance sessions may be required to sustain the results due to the nature of our hair growth cycle.


How many sessions of laser treatments are required?

The number of sessions required varies from person to person. Dr. Terence Tan shared that because hair grows in cycles by going through four stages, and because not all body hair is at the same stage during treatment, it will take a few treatments for complete removal of the hair. The outcome also depends on hair quality, number of hair follicles, different metabolism and hormonal level of each individual. Hence a maintenance visit of once every six weeks is recommended. Typically, a series of six sessions is recommended for optimal results. The exact number depends on factors like hair colour, skin type, and individual response to treatment.

Four stages of hair growth

The four stages of hair growth


Cost of Boyzilian/Brazilian laser hair removal

A full Boyzilian or Brazilian laser hair removal cost $360* per session at Halley Medical Aesthetics. All laser hair removal treatments are administered by a qualified doctor, and the clinic only uses only laser equipment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) to ensure safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Additionally, patients benefit from doctor-grade numbing prior to treatment, making the entire process more comfortable and minimises any potential discomfort.

Brazilian Hair Removal Singapore Laser Hair Removal

In conclusion, Boyzilian and Brazilian laser hair removal in Singapore offer a long-term solution to unwanted pubic hair. They offer numerous advantages, including improved hygiene, confidence, and convenience while reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs often associated with traditional hair removal methods. Do consult a doctor who can provide personalised advice based on your unique needs and preferences and make an informed decision about your grooming journey!

* Price before GST


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