Allergan Aesthetics Symposium: Dr. Terence Tan on “Body Contouring with Emotional Attributes”


Allergan Aesthetics Symposium: Dr. Terence Tan on “Body Contouring with Emotional Attributes”

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November 05, 2022
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On 15 December 2020, Dr. Terence Tan, Medical Director from Halley Medical Aesthetics and Halley Body Slimming Clinic, gave an insightful presentation on “Body Contouring with Emotional Attributes” at the Allergan Aesthetics Symposium.

A total of 50 Singapore aesthetic doctors and Allergan staff attended the symposium, which was held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. With a theme focused on “Broadening Horizons”, the symposium brought doctors in the aesthetic field together to exchange and share their experience and knowledge on topics related to facial injectables, body contouring, and best practices for clinic operations.


Building a CoolSculpting practice dedicated to patient’s needs

Dr. Terence Tan was one of the speakers for the symposium, and he touched on how to optimise patient consultations for CoolSculpting, a body contouring treatment, and build a medical practice that can accurately identify and satisfy the needs of today’s patients.

The areas he covered included managing patients’ expectations, identifying areas that require treatment, addressing patients’ concerns and scepticism, and helping patients to identify ways to fulfil their long-term body goals during post-treatment assessment.


Identifying patient’s needs based on eight emotional attributes

To aid discussion during the consultation process, Dr. Terence Tan elaborated on an outcome-based consultation tool that would allow doctors to identify patients’ motivation based on eight emotional attributes or body goals . Each emotional attribute is aligned with areas requiring CoolSculpting treatments, which would then enable doctors to develop a personalised treatment plan to achieve the desired result.

“Essentially this is to help patients identify the areas that require treatment, so that they can wear what they like with confidence,” says Dr. Terence Tan.


How the eight emotional attributes can help you identify areas that require treatment.

The eight emotional attributes of CoolSculpting. (Source: Allergan)

Treatment areas based on the eight emotional attributes. (Source: Allergan)

Dr. Terence Tan also shared with his fellow colleagues on the materials that the clinic uses during consultation to gain insights into patients’ CoolSculpting interests and wider aesthetics concern, to uncover outcome goals, and to formalise areas of concerns.

CoolSculpting emotional attribute materials. (Source: Image courtesy of Allergan)


The Halley Slimming Booklet

Additionally, Dr. Terence Tan also shared how patients who visit the Halley clinics are encouraged to share their body goals during consultation. This is done using the Halley Slimming Booklet, a body contouring tool created by the Slimming Ambassadors from the two clinics. It is designed to help patients set achievable slimming goals, and accomplish and sustain their slimming results for the long term. 

Dr. Terence Tan has been on various regional and global CoolSculpting Advisory boards. The desire to improve the provision of CoolSculpting through research has always been a priority at the two Halley clinics. Dr Terence Tan’s research on body contouring has been presented in various medical conferences worldwide, and Halley is also part of Allergan’s “CoolSculpting Club 2000 member” for having completed 2,000 treatments in a year.

To cut treatment time for patients, Halley has six CoolSculpting machines, and that makes it possible to treat four, non-overlapping areas at the same time (QuadSculpting), reducing treatment time by up to 85%*.

If you have stubborn fat bulges that you can’t get rid of even after dieting and exercising, schedule a consultation with our doctors at Halley Medical Aesthetics to share your concerns with them.

*Actual duration may vary depending on treatment areas and applicators prescribed.

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