Dr. Mavis Pak

Dr. Mavis Pak, Halley Medical Aesthetics
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Chirurgy, Bachelor of Obstetrics (MB BCh BAO) Diploma of Clinical Dermatology Queen Mary (Distinction 2020)

Dr. Mavis, a distinguished aesthetic doctor, brings a wealth of expertise with an MB, BCh, BAO from Trinity College Dublin. Her journey includes a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology with Distinction (UK) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (USA). As a Certified Aesthetic Physician in Singapore, she seamlessly fuses medical mastery with an innate artistic flair.

Beyond her impressive medical credentials, Dr. Mavis is an accomplished artist, having earned accolades in the visual arts during her youth. Her philosophy centers on the transformative potential of aesthetic procedures and medical-led cosmetic creativity, elevating clients’ inner confidence.

As a woman, Dr. Mavis takes a particular interest in treatments tailored for women. Her holistic approach extends to diverse aesthetic needs, providing personalised care to enhance and refine natural beauty. Specialising in biostimulator fillers and injections, she achieves results that are both natural and impactful.

Elevate your aesthetic journey with Dr. Mavis, where precision, artistry, and professionalism converge. Put your trust in her to redefine and enhance your natural beauty, ensuring a personalised and transformative experience. Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic care with a practitioner who understands and caters to the unique needs of every individual.